Why Macchiato?

September 12, 2013 in About Macchiato

Macchiato is an Italian coffee brew famous all around the world.

It’s prepared adding some soft foamed milk to a shot of espresso. In Italy we love it because it combines the energetic, bitter, thick flavour of espresso with the sweetness of milk. It keeps the quick powerful kick of espresso but it makes it softer and rounder. It is a mixture of two different elements combined to achieve a unique tasting experience.

That’s why we thought macchiato was a perfect metaphor for our business. Macchiato productions wants to blend together different elements to create a unique look for our videos. This means crossing genres: who says that a corporate video has to be strictly functional and cannot be maglie calcio poco prezzo creative and visually catchy? And a social documentary can be empathic and touching and still have a groovy vibe. On the other hand, a video that has mainly aesthetic purposes (a music video, a video advert for a museum, a showreel) can still incorporate conceptual and personal motives within, and make people think AND feel.

So basically macchiato philosophy consists in experimenting and mixing styles, keeping as a core starting point our customer’s needs and intentions, that have to be valued and respected no matter what.

On a deeper level, macchiato in Italian means stain and macchia means spot. We usually associate these terms to something that needs some cleaning done, but in macchiato’s case the same image is applied to a sweet and pleasurable experience . We like this use of the word macchia-spot because it visually describes an approach we want to apply to our social documentaries.

We are passionate about a range of delicate topics: immigration, poverty, women’s issues, mental health. There is sometimes a stigma attached to certain issues, and our intention through social documentaries is to explore the richness in differences, the stimulating and progressive effects of two cultures mixing together, the complex emotions behind a mental health condition. We believe that a spot is a place of accidental beauty. We want to value it, rather than washing it away.