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December 10, 2013 in About Macchiato, Simona

We were very happy to be invited to deliver a presentation for CPMI (Centre for Performance Measurement and Innovation) in York last week. The talk was part of the Ambassadors Programme, an innovative educational scheme for local retailers and tourism businesses. The programme stresses the importance of valuing local environment, establishing collaborations instead of thinking in terms of competitions, delivering excellent customer service, building sustainability: values macchiato strongly agrees with. Each module of the programme has hosted guest speakers to give an overview about new technologies and how to use them to grow & inspire.


Simona has been selected to be a guest speaker after having attended a very interesting and inspiring workshop led by Phil Barden during Business Week in York. The aim of our presentation was to provide an overview of the multiple ways video can be engaged by businesses, not just to advertise products and services, but also to sustain brands, share useful content, build a network of contacts and on-line communities, express the core values and philosophy of a business.


As we know, the consumption of on-line videos is growing dramatically every year. This creates an immense amount of opportunities to express and deliver messages using an affordable and flexible medium. The main reason we love video as a form of expression is because of its power to communicate information through a combination of emotional and rational triggers, through images, sound, text, physical Ray Ban outlet presence,and music.  We showed examples of videos that use many different style to engage viewers and build atmospheres. A video can be funny, dramatic, groovy, enticing, introspective, uplifting, and of course, playing with different combinations of such emotions is a very effective way of talk about yourself and your business.


We talked about the different kind of business videos available, getting through the specific use and utility of all of them. We were keen to provide practical advice that participants could put in use immediately for their business, a tool-kit of tips that anyone can use to plan, schedule, and produce their videos. On-line video is a form of communication that you can control directly through your social media net. One of the main points of the presentation has been to stress the importance of including videos into a well thought social media plan: the quality and aim of the video is fundamental, but sharing it and getting views is vital as well. There is a lot of strategic and technical information about how to share your videos and get the most out of it. We are willing to share this knowledge, for this reason we will create a series of blog posts about enhancing your video through social media, and we also offer a social media package to our clients to assist them in doing so.



This experience has been the first official presentation delivered by macchiato, and we were delighted to be see our audience engaged and interested in the potentials of video. It has been extremely inspiring to share knowledge and know that entrepreneurs from very different backgrounds gained an insight on how they can use new technologies to grow. Both the audience and the organisers have been fantastic supporters and we look forward hearing from them and see how they are getting on with using video.


To know more about the Ambassadors programme, have a look here:

If you want to receive the presentation handouts, with detailed information about all the topics covered, just send us an email and we will be happy to send it to you!