Simona – My Journey as a Film Maker

September 12, 2013 in About Macchiato

This is a post about my past experiences in film. I’ve always been passionate about  art, especially writing and music as a child. Growing up, I realised soon that film has an exceptional power: it has been the first form of art to involve all the others; writing, music, photography, painting, acting are all involved in the making of a film. Today mixing different forms of art is common practice in multimedia projects on the web and videos are embedded in all sort of possible media contexts, making the production of videos even more interesting and exciting.

Having a grandfather journalist and a dad passionate about photography, I was lucky enough to be encouraged in my creative attempts since a  young age, especially writing short stories, and experimenting with analog photography. On the other hand though, living in a little town in the centre of Ray Ban outlet Italy didn’t make producing videos immediate for me. Lack of equipment and people to work with were slowing down the process, but as I was very interested also in film theory, I used my time after high school to earn a BA and an MA in film studies.

Most Italian universities are not really able to invest in good equipment for students to use, but the in-depth study of the work of many different directors is an amazing eye traning: it creates a instinctive feel for good shots, light, and visual styles. Studying collateral subjects such as design, theatre, and art history has helped me storing a great amount of ideas and inspiration.

While studying for my degrees, I moved to Rome and I spent two years getting as much technical training as possible, mostly through professional workshops in editing, camera work, and web TV management. These short workshops, more flexible and career-oriented than university courses, have not just taught me how to use a camera and edit, but they also put me in contact with many interesting cultural institutions, from documentary archives to feminist organisations.

Meanwhile, I was pursuing another dream I had since my childhood: travelling, living and working abroad. Almost accidentally, I bumped into a nice opportunity, going to York for an international summer school in Documentary Production, called Creative Chaos.

I literally fell in love with York. I was amazed about how familiar this town felt in spite of being in a different country, miles and miles away from home. It could be because of the Roman walls and historic feel of the town, it could be because of the kindness and warmth of people, but I very soon decided to make York my second hometown. York St. John was offering me the possibility of applying for an MA in Documentary so I quickly submitted my paperwork, I got my IELTS test in place, and in October 2011 I was moving to York to stay.

The choice of the Masters was the ideal conclusion of my education, being focused on the actual production of a documentary film written and directed by myself. This is how Todo en La Vida was born. I had collaborated  to the production of documentary films before, but nothing compares to the joy of researching, writing, and producing your own film, with the artistic freedom to experiment and learn by yourself. From then on, I was more motivated than ever to pursue a career in video and film production.

I started working as a student researcher producing videos for university and theatre lecturers, and planning to set up my own production company, when a professor who has believed in me informed me that York St. John University had a business incubator project going on, and was offering help to small ray ban baratas creative businesses. I applied, I got accepted and since then Macchiato production was born, and I have been working at the Phoenix centre  in close contact with many other amazing creative businesses, and supported by experienced business advisors. It’s inspiring and rewarding to receive trust and help from an institution believing in your work, and I’m excited to go on working on Macchiato’s projects.


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