Vis à Vis



Vis à Vis is a short dance film, part of the  research project Navigating Risks, Managing Security and Receiving Support, conducted by the Centre of Applied Human Rights, University of York.

Researchers interviewed a number of human rights defenders from Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Kenya, and Indonesia, who experienced threats or attacks. The interviews discussed how defenders face risks, how trauma has affected their work, and what kind of support they can access.

Writer Juliana Mensah has used parts of the interviews to create verbatim poetry, which became the base of artistic work aimed at disseminating the findings of the research.

As part of this effort, Macchiato and dancer Christie Barnes have created Vis à Vis as a polyphonic dance film, where the choreographer reacts to the highly emotionally charged content of the interviews.

The film, presented at the Festival of Ideas in York, has been shared internationally, and was presented along the research at the Human Rights Defenders World Summit 2018, in Paris.