Synergy Surgery – A Right to Solve

A Right to Solve has been part of a series of workshops offered by Innovate York to York businesses, institutions, and individuals to create common and effective solutions to challenges in the community. This workshop, held at Ron Cooke Hub, involved participants into reflecting about the relationship between council and citizens, and to brainstorm and implement new solutions to guarantee a more dynamic exchange between the two. The participants, working in groups, made use of the GeniUS! model, an approach to individuate problems in the community starting from the needs of the community itself, and to then  involve its members to design effective solutions to propose to councils. The process promotes a more participative way of managing cities and councils, and has been exported and used successfully in Glasgow, San Sebastian, Siracusa, and Tallin.

The video is a collection of interviews to organisers and participants, revolving around main themes, such as challenges, solutions, and the role of York as an innovative centre. The interviews allow to gain an insight on the process and people involved into shaping new solutions for the city of York. With reflections from (in order  of appearance):

– Esko Reinikainen – The Satori Lab

– Simon Klippel – Killppsafe

– Chris Bush – Visit York

– Ian Graham – York City Council

– Kareem Baqui

– Natasha Almond – York CVS

– Darrell Hooper – York St John University

– Tricia Hackett – The Young Foundation

– Greg McGee – New Visuality

– Heather Niven – Science City York


Still Images by Jay Sillence

Camera Work by Simona Manni and Tom Adair