Nutrition & Exercise for Health at York St John Uni

This is the first video out of a series of three that Macchiato is producing for York St John University. The videos illustrate different degrees within the York St John faculty through the words and experiences of students attending those courses.

In this case student Jack Bennet explains to us his experience of studying Nutrition & Exercise for Health at York St John University. We get to know the reasons for picking York St John as his university of choice, his educational and professional development over the course of three years, the range of courses and modules offered by the degree, and the extracurricular activities he has chosen to engage with. There is also a section about living and studying in York and advice to prospective students who are considering which degree to pick. A series which is extremely useful to young people considering all their options in such a dramatically important decision.


Two more videos about Sport at York St John will be presented soon.