Reflective Dialogues: Nicola Forshaw

Nicola Forshaw is a professional dancer and lecturer involved with Converge, an organisation based in York which helps mental health service users learning self expression techniques through dance, music, art, and theatre. Nicola uses dance to guide people in regaining a sense of self fulfilment and in dealing with the stigma attached to mental health through an amazing weekly class.

She has been filmed in three different occasions within a year reflecting on her work as a practitioner and the techniques she uses to keep her class engaged. The video has mixed footage recorded by Kay Hepplewhite during reflective sessions and one of Nicola’s classes to convey her creative and decisional process and the liveliness of the work with participants, especially in a moment of  preparation for their first public performance. The work is part of an on-line learning resource Kay Hepplewhite has put together to guide students in exploring the world of applied theatre. You can check it out at: http://reflectivedialogues.wordpress.com/