Love Arts York Festival

This video has been produced by Macchiato for Love Arts York Festival 2014 edition.

Love Arts is a festival which has been running for several years in Leeds. York has proposed its own version in May 2014 and has been successfully welcomed  by the city. The aim of the festival is to promote the role of arts into preserving mental health and well being.  Very often the disruptive experience of mental illness can be channelled, worked through, and elaborated through deep and thought provoking works of art that have the collateral advantage of helping society understand what mental health is and reducing the stigma associated to mental illness. Love Arts York has  presented a wide selection of different projects, ranging from visual arts, to writing, music, theatre, photography,  and film.

Macchiato has had the opportunity to follow all the main festival events and capture on video the wide variety of different art projects, to offer a colourful and engaging recollection of what happened during Love Arts York 2014.