International Festival of Faith and Cutlure 2014

We had the pleasure to film an amazing event in York which had brought together people for all over the world, to share their spirituality, traditions, and faith. Organised by the York St John Chaplaincy and supported by the York City Council, the International Festival of Faith and Culture has been an explosion of colour, music, food, fashion, art, and religion in the centre of York. The spirit of the festival is to encourage communication, to show how much richness resides in difference, how in spite of  our diverse background of traditions, at heart all human beings share the same spirit, the same quest for happiness.

Macchiato is an enthusiastic supporter of the value of diversity and the video has been a joy to make. We aimed at maintaining the same exciting atmosphere of the day, while presenting as many artists and art forms as possible through a visual recollection guided by the words of Lukas Njenga.