Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball: Defending Women and Young People from Domestic Violence

April 23, 2014 in About Macchiato, News

We were delighted to be invited to film the annual Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball in February. The Ball takes place every year as the biggest fundraising event organised by the Lord Mayor in charge to support two charities of her choice.

Lord Mayor's Charity Ball

This year Lord Mayor of York Julie Gunnell has decided to support two amazingly important charities:

IDAS offers help to women affected by domestic violence. From emotional and psychological support, to practical ways of saving money, accessing shelters, getting legal aid, IDAS does a precious job in rescuing victims from situations that are extremely Cheap Oakleys dangerous physically and emotionally.

Jack Rain Community Foundation: a charity we are very close to (see our previous video of their boxing event), Jack Raine is a boxing gym and youth centre offering support and warm welcoming space to young people who are facing a variety of problems in their family and community. Inspired Youth has produced a short documentary film to illustrate the stories of young people whose life has been changed by being part of this amazing organization.

The event has been sponsored by She Loves York, whose partners have generously offered a variety of raffle prizes.


Overall , it has been a cheerful evening of food, music, dance, and games, and guests have not refrained from offering donations in any possible occasion.




We are proud that our Lord Mayor is not scared of facing delicate social issues that need urgent addressing. The number of women victims of domestic abuse, and the often consequent number of young people experiencing situations of extreme distress is higher than ever, and we are all responsible in doing what we can to fight those issues.

Our best wishes to  Julie Gunnell,  who is about to conclude her Lord Mayor’s mandate, for her future work and engagement in society.