Keep streets live

January 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

 We all love to listen to music while having a relaxing walk through the streets of the city centre. Even when juggling several errands and running up and down the city, stopping for minute to listen to the voice and stories of a busker can light up the day.

That’s why macchiato values street performers and the job they do everyday. Facing cold, rain, snow, heat, these artists keep the streets alive and bring some colour into our daily landscapes. For centuries, squares have been community points of aggregation, in which people could meet, discuss, relax, get to know each other, share their lives. Nowadays, as we tend to become more and more absorbed by the digital counterpart of our life, it is even more important to protect those spaces of creative, in-the-moment, social experience.

City centres are facing a hard time Cheap Oakley Sunglasses though. The raise in rental costs for venues often leads to an appropriation of city centres by big multinational corporations, the only ones still able to afford such high rates. Independents shops, with their invaluable stories and unique personalities, are increasingly pushed outside the city centres.

At the same time, musicians and performers have to face restrictive policies from some local councils, which rarely take into account the real experience of citizens that everyday support buskers and street performers through their donations.

As very often happens, music is a powerful means to express complex problems. Jonny Walker, musician and founder of ASAP (Association of Street Artists and Performers) is currently involved in a campaign to fight against a new restrictive law by Camden council in London, which allows officers to force fines on performers and  to confiscate their instruments, the basic equipment they use to support themselves. Jonny is raising a very successful crowdfunding action at, where you can find additional information, videos, and interviews.

We were happy to film one of Jonny’s performances in York last summer. This is the first of a series of short videos, each one dedicated to an original tune by Jonny. We loved the peaceful atmosphere in Parliament Street in York, with people from any age and background relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a form of art that is difficult to consider disruptive or disturbing.


We strongly believe that street art is fundamental to promote social unity, solidarity, and a precious sense of community.

Follow Jonny through his very active facebook page here

And find more info about his campaign here