Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball: Defending Women and Young People from Domestic Violence
April 23, 2014 in About Macchiato, News

We were delighted to be invited to film the annual Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball in February. The Ball takes…

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Video for Business presentation for CPMI
December 10, 2013 in About Macchiato, Simona

We were very happy to be invited to deliver a presentation for CPMI (Centre for Performance Measurement and Innovation)…

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working with macchiato
November 25, 2013 in About Macchiato

Now that you know our philosophy and what inspires us, we can look at the process of getting your…

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Simona – My Journey as a Film Maker
September 12, 2013 in About Macchiato

This is a post about my past experiences in film. I’ve always been passionate about ¬†art, especially writing and…

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Why Macchiato?
September 12, 2013 in About Macchiato

Macchiato is an Italian coffee brew famous all around the world. It’s prepared adding some soft foamed milk to…

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