Macchiato is a video production company based in York. We focus on the production of:

– creative promotional videos for local businesses,  universities, organisations, artists, performers,  charities

– video marketing services

– social documentaries

– educational videos

– participatory experiences in film and video for local communities

Our goal is to mix together creativity and effectiveness. We produce videos that clearly deliver our costumers’ message without sacrificing a captivating and enticing look. We believe that, now more than ever, video is an exceptional tool to share, learn, advertise, explore, and bring people together. We have a passion for music, art, local businesses, social environments, and learning experiences.


Whatever your need and budget is, we can help you identifying your message to then build a script together and move on to produce your video according to your requests.

We are also happy to work with your own footage if you have some, and edit it together to create the video you need. Once the video is ready, we can also help you sharing it through social media to increase its online visibility.

If you are a business, we can implement video production within your marketing plan, making sure it portrays all the key elements of your brand, and providing assistance on social media use of video.

If you are a community or a local organisation, we can provide participatory workshops in video and film, to facilitate the production of expressive and meaningful videos written and created by members of the community.

We love communicating and engaging with people, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for an enquiry, a quote, an advice, or just a chat!

To discover more about the process of getting your video produced, please check this post.


Simona Manni is the founder of Macchiato.  After an extensive education in film studies, she has gained experience as a self-shooter and video editor. She moved to York in 2011 and she’s inspired by both Italians’ love for art and design, and UK’s cutting edge creativity. Mixing, crossing genres, and blending different things together is her passion.